Learn how you can submit your vote on a proposal.

Who can vote on proposals?

There are several aspects that define if you are eligible to vote on a specific proposal.

Voting strategies

Each space specifies their Voting Strategies in its settings. You can see the custom setup by opening the space settings. This setup can define if you are eligible to take part in the voting and what is your Voting Power calculated at the timestamp of proposal creation.

One of the most common questions we receive on our support channels is Why can't I vote?

More often than not the answer is - you did not hold the sufficient amount of specified token at the time of proposal creation.

Cast a vote

1. Connect your wallet

Click the Connect wallet button in the top right corner.

Connect with the wallet provider where you hold the tokens relevant for the space you want to vote in.

2. Find the proposal

Go to the space page on Snapshot. You can vote directly from this view or go to the proposal you are interested in to read more details before you vote.

In the proposal page you can see your Voting Power. If it shows 0 it means you cannot vote on the selected proposal.

3. Vote!

Select the option you want to vote for - Accept, Reject, Abstain.

Depending on the space settings you will have to sign a gasless Ethereum message and/or sign a transaction to confirm your action.

If you are using MetaMask you'll need to scroll to the end of the signature and click on the arrow down for the Sign button to become active. Voting on Snapshot doesn't affect your account or the funds that are associated to it.

You will notice that a new icon has appeared in the top right corner, just next to your avatar:

The number indicates the number of pending transactions. Once it disappeared you can reload to page to view your vote. Voilà! You have just cast a vote 🎉​

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