Learn what a proposal is and how to create one.

What is a proposal?

Proposal is the key element of the voting system. It presents a change suggestion related to a specific organization and enables eligible users to cast their vote.

Voting power for each user is calculated on the basis of the voting strategies selected in the space settings.​

Each proposal has the same voting system which provides three choices: accept, reject, abstain.

Who can create a proposal?

Users who:

  • authenticate themselves via whitelisted by the space,

  • and are eligible according to the selected by the space.

Create a proposal

1. Open space settings.

Head to the space which you wish to create your proposal for.

Make sure the connected wallet is where you hold the tokens relevant to the specific space.

2. Click the New Proposal icon

Click the new proposal icon in the top right corner:

3. Provide proposal details

Provide the necessary details - title, description and discussion link if there is one.

4. Choose the Execution Strategy

Select the you would like to use:

5. Specify transaction details

Define what should happen if the proposal passes by choosing one of the execution options:

A modal will open with the transaction details to fill in:

6. Publish your proposal

Click Publish​ and authenticate yourself via your wallet. Depending on the space settings you will have to sign a gasless Ethereum message and/or sign a transaction to confirm your action.

When you create a proposal by default the timestamp will be populated with the latest block synced from our node. The voting power of each user will be calculated for the state of the blockchain at this specific timestamp. It means that if user acquires required tokens after the proposal has been created, they will not be taken into account for their voting power calculation.​

7. Give it a minute..

Wait for the transaction to succeed. You can see it's pending in the top right corner, just next to your avatar:

Once the icon with the pending transaction disappears, you can reload the page to view your proposal.

And that's it! You have created a new proposal 🎉

Executing proposals

Once the proposal has reached a quorum and passed, anyone can execute the transactions specified for it by clicking the Execute transactions button:

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