Proposal validation strategies

Proposal validation strategy is used to determine whether a particular author is allowed to create a proposal.

Each Space has to set a proposal validation strategy which consists of an address and a set of params that are stored in the space. These strategies should have the following interface:

function validate(address author, bytes calldata params, bytes calldata userParams) external returns (bool);
  • author: The author of the proposal.

  • params: Parameter array set in the space contract that is the same for every user of the Strategy.

  • userParams: Parameter array submitted by the author when they create a proposal, and can therefore be different for each user.

There is no requirement to use either of these parameter arrays in your strategy, in which case you can just pass an empty array.

DAOs are free to write their own custom strategies that suit their own needs however we provide the following approaches:

Proposition power

A strategy that validates an author to create a proposal if their propositionPower calculated from a set of Voting strategies exceeds a proposalThreshold value. It means that if the proposal threshold is set to 5, the author needs to have at least 5 Proposition power to create a proposal. This strategy uses the same logic as Voting Strategies, so refer to that section for more information.

When calling this strategy, params should be:

uint256 proposalThreshold = ...
Strategy[] allowedStrategies ...
params = abi.encode(proposalThreshold, allowedStrategies);

userParams should contain the indexed strategies that the author has power with:

IndexedStrategy[] userStrategies = ...
userParams = abi.encode(userStrategies);

Active proposal limiter

A strategy that validates an author to create a proposal if the author has not exceeded a limit of maxActiveProposals.

Each time an author creates a proposal, a counter is incremented up to a limit of maxActiveProposals. After this point, no more proposals can be created until a cooldown period has elapsed since the most recent proposal they created.

Using this strategy can help to prevent proposal creation spam in your space.

And more!

These strategies can be combined and extended to provide flexible Proposal validation mechanisms. The interface for Proposal validation strategies can be found here.

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